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I Swam From Shore to Shore

March 2019

I swam from shore to shore

Away, in broad daylight.

I fled from nothing

Nor hunted, nor wandered,

But had no reason why.

On that shore I spied a girl

And longed ‘til my heart was lead.

A wood fence between us,

Her eyes were steady set

On her garden: I stood invisible.

I enjoyed the company

Of her fragile dog.

Its tattered coat revealed pink

And showed the love and pain

Of an old soul.

Around the house strode her father

But seeped no surprise at my sight.

He would have me quartered

If wretchedness he deemed not

A just punishment for life.

So I drew my black string

And whipped his face

Til blood pooled and hid his smile.

When his laughter was not smothered,

I continued.

The dog walked between us

And fell dead at my stroke.

In fatal distraction, I killed

Not the harmless hatred

That deranged me so, but life.

My enemy still stands invincible

But has nor will move against me.

I could even climb the fence,

But I am a fool to hope for love

In that garden now watered by tears.


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