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Despite being principally a classical musician, these experimental-prog-folk-rock projects have become a large part of my musical identity. As a medium they are inspired by other musical storytellers like Sting, Coheed and Cambria, Steven Wilson, and Joshua Lee Turner (without mentioning influences from the classical world). As a craft they are fed by all my skills as a singer, guitarist, composer and producer. As a means of expression they flow directly from the stories that I have been collecting (and will continue to collect) throughout the different stages of my life.

Untitled design (7).png
Untitled design.png

Released September 2021

in Edmonton, Canada

after a year in Paris.

Released August 2019

in Edmonton, Canada

after two years in San Francisco.

Artwork Has None Who Sees.jpg

Released March 2018

in Calgary, Canada

in my final year of highschool.

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